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Based on Eastern Chinese medicine Face Mapping takes no more than five to ten minutes, it’s a free service & eliminates guesswork when selecting products for your skin.

Dermalogica Face Mapping, have you been mapped yet?

As Dermalogica Skin Therapists we have all received training in Dermalogica’s unique skin analysis, Dermalogica Face Mapping. Dermalogica Face Mapping provides you with an insight into your skin’s past and present. Consequently you’ll have a prescription for a targeted home care regime for your healthy skin future.

Dermalogica Face Mapping is based on Eastern Chinese medicine. It takes no more than five to ten minutes, is a free service and eliminates guesswork when selecting products for your skin.

Dermalogica face mapping, face map our nation
Zone by Zone Analysis

Rather than analysing the skin in general terms, we use Face Mapping to divide the facial landscape into fourteen zones. This complete skin analysis is given under magnification with bare sanitised hands. This allows thorough examined inch-by-inch through touch and sight to detect subtle differences in the skin. Our findings are notated on your own personal prescription sheet.

This prescription sheet serves as a personal visual guide and reference. Furthermore skin concerns are outlined on an actual facial landscape illustration. These conditions include:

  • congestion
  • breakouts
  • dehydration
  • hyperpigmentation
  • heat

We will also complete the prescription with some good bits to 😉

Dermalogica Face Mapping® maintains an accurate record of your skin. As a result it will provide you with an objective view into the results of any professional product recommendation.

Face Map Our Nation

Throughout September and October ourselves and Dermalogica have been raising awareness of the benefits of Dermalogica Face Mapping®. Their campaign ‘Face Map our Nation’ #fmon is the heart of the brand. The experience brings together the defining elements of us, your therapist and Dermalogica’s work:

  • A scientific approach
  • technical knowledge of the skin
  • the transcendent power of human touch
  • face to face communication

All to facilitate helping the client achieve their best skin!

Dermalogica’s aim is to face map 14,000 people this year.  So put your biggest skin concerns in our hands when you attend a FaceMap Our Nation event! You’ll get real answers to your questions and an at-home product prescription that actually works for your skin. Call or book online today!

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