Turn Exclusive Membership

Turn Exclusive at Turn Beautiful! Our subscription membership offers amazing client value and exclusive perks!

Why should you Turn Exclusive…

Monthly Beauty Bank
1% OFF
First Shop Purchase
1% OFF
Ongoing Shop Purchases
1% OFF
Late Availability Appointments
Free Delivery
Priority Booking
Early Access Offers

Turn Exclusive for £25.00 a month

With our Turn Exclusive Membership the value of your monthly subscription (£25.00) goes into your personal  ‘Beauty Bank’ which you can redeem with in-salon treatments and purchases. If you don’t use the full value on treatments in a month this then roles over to the next month! Members also receive priority booking on their appointments as well as a 20% discount on late availability appointments.

Upon sign up Turn Exclusive Members receive a 25% OFF coupon code for their first online shop order. Turn Exclusive Members in addition receive an ongoing automatic 15% discount on all product purchases made via our online shop as well as Free Shipping. Lastly as an Exclusive Member you’ll have early access to all new product releases, treatments and offers at Turn Beautiful.