Holistic Well Being Treatments Turn Beautiful

Holistic & Wellbeing

Whatever goes on, on the inside affects the outside. Holistic Therapy views the entire body and mind and not just its parts.

Treatment Options

We aim to take a holistic approach to all of our treatments taking into consideration the health & wellbeing of all our clients.

Our holistic & wellbeing therapies are offered by highly trained practitioners who have devoted their time and energy into their specific field.

Jen qualified as a Colonic Hydrotherapist in 2008, at the British School of Colon Hydrotherapy with the I-ACT (International Association of Colonic Therapists)

Serena is a Reiki Master and started her journey over 20 years ago when she studied her Reiki 1

Peter (MIAH) is a qualified hypnotherapist and counsellor. He has studied at the Bournemouth School of Hypnotherapy and the University of York. Peter has spent over 20 years successfully assisting people to transform their lives.

Harminder is new to the industry but brings a lot of passion and knowledge. He specialised in Sports Massage but also offers Aromatherapy and Swedish massage treatments.

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Holistic Well Being Treatments Turn Beautiful

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