Eve Taylor Line Minimising Serum (formally Timeline Intensive)


A silky-textured serum smoothes lines and wrinkles and relaxes muscles to help prevent lines created by expression ageing.
Whilst silicones and botanicals hydrate and plump lines giving a softened and smoother skin.

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Additional Information

Skin Benefits:

Eve Taylor Line Minimising Serum was formally called Timeline Intensive and responds to changes in the skin that can lead to fine lines and wrinkles by supporting the skin’s structure by encouraging collagen and elastin production. This serum should only be applied to areas of expression such as forehead lines, frown lines and character lines (also known as crows feet), lines on the top lip and nasal labial lines. It is suitable for those experiencing ageing in areas of expression.

The benefits of Line Minimising Serum are that it inhibits the muscle contractions which lead to lines and expression ageing. It smoothes lines and wrinkles and firms the skin and encourages the production of collagen and elastin fibres.

Key Ingredients

Eve Taylor Line Minimising Serum has a base of Cyclopentasiloxane, a nourishing silicone that strengthens the skin’s barrier and gives it a silky texture.

Aminobutyric Acid
Found naturally in the body, it relaxes the muscles used with expression for a smoother skin appearance.

Ginseng Root and Purslane
Inhibit the flow of ions minimising nerve activity leading to fewer muscle contractions. If the muscle is relaxed it will lengthen the muscle fibres and smooth the overlying epidermis. Thus making the appearance of lines and wrinkles less apparent and smoother.


Gently smooth a small amount of Eve Taylor Line Minimising Serum into areas of expression only such as between the eyebrows and forehead lines. Apply this morning and evening prior to toner and moisturiser.

A mild tingling sensation may be experienced, this is nothing to be concerned about. It is due to the active ingredients working in the skin and giving this sensation.

Quick Tip:

If you are using an aromatic serum or another Age Resist serum apply this first and allow it to absorb and then continue to apply this serum to your targetted areas.


Vegan friendly
No artificial fragrances or colours

Eve Taylor products are suitable for those with nut allergies due to the refining process where all nut allergens are removed.


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Eve Taylor has never tested any of their products on animals – they only test their products on people and after 50 years we have proven that our products work and deliver the results. Eve Taylor products are manufactured in small batches so that the active ingredients can be included to ensure purity and freshness in every batch, without the products sitting in the warehouse for months before they are sold. Eve Taylor is also proud that every product holds the Eve Taylor signature – as this is your guarantee that the products you have purchased are some of the best products in the world.

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