Eve Taylor Age Resist Hydrating Serum


Formerly known as part of the Advanced Skin Therapy Range as Hyaluronic Acid serum. This ultra-light serum is rapidly absorbed into the skin, plumping and hydrating.

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Additional Information

Skin Benefits:

Eve Taylor Age Resist Hydrating Serum is a light fluid gel serum that rapidly absorbs into the skin to plump and hydrate.  Fine lines are eased as skin is rehydrated and skin texture is left soft and silky with no tacky after-feel. Its barrier restoring benefits help prevent trans-epidermal water loss also known as TEWL, which causes dehydration in the skin.

It is suitable for all skin types and conditions, especially dehydrated skin, sensitive skin and moisture depleted ageing skin. Eve Taylor Age Resist Hydrating Serum is also safe to be used during any stage of pregnancy.

Key Ingredient

Hyaluronic Acid (48% high molecular & 1% low molecular)
A non-stimulating acid with no exfoliating properties, it is found naturally within the skin and is classed as a GAG/ Glycosaminoglycan (this jelly-like substance primarily supports the most important structural proteins of the skin: collagen and elastin). Glycosaminoglycans are water-binding molecules that can hold nearly 1,000 times their own weight, which helps provide moisture to the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid molecules have a large molecular size and are too big to sink deep into the skin, instead, they are rapidly absorbed into the upper layers where it plumps up the cells softening fine lines and wrinkles leaving the skin feeling silky smooth. The hydration from the Hyaluronic Acid allows the moisture dependent enzymes to function to their full potential and naturally activate allowing skin cells to shed more evenly from the skin. This process helps to resync the order of when your skin cells should shed as uneven shedding causes dehydration lines. It saturates the surface of the skin and the hydration helps to close superficial cracks and fissures where irritants could enter causing skin sensitivity.


Gently smooth Eve Taylor Hydrating Serum over face and neck and décolleté, continue to spritz suitable toner to the skin and follow with moisturiser. (Cleanse, treat with serum, tone and moisturise).

Quick Tip:

If you experiencing dehydration, Eve Taylor Hydrating Serum can be made into a cocktail with your moisturiser or liquid foundation to enhance hydration throughout the day.


Vegan friendly
No artificial fragrances or colours


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