OPI Nail Lacquer – Super Bass Shatter


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Super Bass Shatter is a glittery magenta shatter.

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Shatter your nails but live by your dreams with the OPI Nicki Minaj Purple Shatter Top Coat Nail Polish. Apply this super bass purple that shatters before your eyes over your most daring OPI hue.

OPI Shatter is a top coat for your manicure that separates, crackles and shatters as it dries revealing the colour underneath and giving a unique nail art effect. Very easy to use, it gives eye catching results in seconds.


  1. Apply your manicure as normal, with your favorite base coat and two coats of your favorite color.
  2. Once the polish has completely dried, apply one (and only one!) coat of Shatter, quickly covering 
the entire nail.
  3. Try not to overlap the Shatter polish too much and only apply one coat.
  4. Now watch it separate as it dries.
  5. If you want a gloss finish, finish with a coat of your favourite top coat.


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