Bio Sculpture Coffin Shape Zebra File 100 / 220 Grit (Pack of 5)


Pack of 5.

SKU: MAN201-1
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Additional Information

Bio Sculpture Coffin Zebra File 100/220 come in a pack of 5 files the style helps to perfect  the shape of natural nail, gel extensions or tips.

100 grit is ideal for taking down the length of the natural nails and shaping the side walls and free edge.

220 grit is a second step and identified as the smoother side of the two. This buffer side can be used during a manicure to eliminate ridges from natural nails and make the whole surface even and smooth prior to the application of nail treatments and/or polish.

The coffin shape is helpful in combining smaller sharp sides for edges and a larger surface area to assist with buffing.


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