Elim MediHand Dark Spot Serum


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Specifically formulated to target age spots and pigmentation that are slightly darker than usual age spots on the hands.

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The Elim MediHand Dark Spot Serum is formulated for targeted treatment of age spots and pigmentation on the hands. Active retinol normalises the skins melanin production, reverses UV damage and stimulates cell turnover.

Niacinamide works on a cellular level to treat uneven skin tone and blemishes, increase hydration, soften fine lines and enhance the penetration of active ingredients.

Our combination of Vitamins C,E and B3 work together as powerful anti-oxidants to improve skin renewal, brighten skin, regulate melanin production and stimulate collagen thereby improving skin tone drastically for healthy and younger-looking hands.

For visible results in just 28 days, use as part of the Elim 3-Step Anti-Aging Manicure Kit. Beautiful hands don’t just fade away with age, restore your inner beauty with the Elim MediHand Dark Spot Serum.


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