Bio Sculpture Cotton Squares


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Pre-cut Cotton Squares are used to assist with the removal of Bio Sculpture. They come in a pack of 200.

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Additional Information

Bio Sculpture Cotton Squares are large pre-cut squares for use during the gel removal process.

Bio Sculpture’s range of gel nails can be easily removed. The process is quite simple:

First, buff down the top layer of gel then soak a small piece of the cotton square in gel remover and then apply to the nail and wrap in foil.

PRO TIP: For optimal results use a drop of Ethos Almond Oil with your Gel Remover, then apply Vitamin Dose after unwrapping the foil to help release the gel.

The gel remover will soften and break down the bonds in the gel, releasing it from the natural nail without any damage.

Please be aware that the Cotton Squares are not lint-free so they should not be used during gel application.

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