Bio Sculpture Ethos Manicure Pack ‘Create Your Own’


Every Bio Sculpture Manicure Pack starts with your choice of Ethos prep, followed by your perfect base to your nail plate to ensure optimum nail health.

Create your perfect combination.

SKU: Ethos-Mani-Set
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Additional Information

Bio Sculpture Ethos Manicure Pack allows you to ‘Create Your Own’ personalised nail health set for fabulous nails. The set can include Ethos and Gemini bottles that treat and support the natural nail, leaving your nails healthy, long and strong.

  • 1 x 14ml Ethos Cuticle Treatment
  • 1 x 14ml Ethos Base Treatment
  • 1 x 14ml Gemini Nail Polish or Additional Ethos Product
  • 1 x 14ml Ethos Top Coat or Ethos Cuticle Oil

Super Glossy! Mirror Top Coat has a plumping effect to increase the vibrancy of colour. It is scratch resistant and has a gloss mirror-like shine!

Ethos and Gemini follow the same ethical approach, containing no animal products and are not tested on animals.

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