Bio Sculpture ETHOS Seaweed Calcium Base


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Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc work together to harden nails. Can be used as a ridge filler.

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Ethos Seaweed Calcium Base is a new product from Bio Sculpture used for 3 nail types and conditions:

  • Hard and dry nails
  • Dry and brittle nails
  • Nails with ridges

Hard & Dry – The magnesium and zinc from the seaweed extract will strengthen the keratin structures of hard and dry nails to increase flexibility. During a manicure apply 1 layer

Dry & Brittle – During a manicure apply 2 layers of Seaweed Calcium Base will provide healthy flexibility to the nail and a soft pink shade.

Nails with Ridges – Seaweed Calcium Base contains silica and mica which are natural inorganic fillers to create a smooth surface. During a manicure apply to coats to the entire nail and give enough time for each layer to dry thoroughly before applying nail polish.

Can be used under a gel application. Apply a thin brush width to the centre of the nail, gently buff the shine off with the large grey buffer, dust and proceed with gel application. For ridges apply to the full nail and again gentle buff away the shine.


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