Bio Sculpture ETHOS OxyCoat


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A super nourishing base coat for healthy nails which contains grape botanicals and antioxidants to help stimulate nail growth.

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Ethos Oxycoat is the new base coat with many properties and a wide range of uses. Oxycoat is ideal for healthy nails, it contains vitamin A, B5, C, E, F, and has keratin activating properties. It will provide strong antioxidant protection and stimulate cell growth to keep nails healthy and glowing.

Oxycoat is also effective on moist nails, sometimes these nails can be very hot or very cold. Oxycoat is permeable and able to control the moisture levels on the nail which allows the products to stay on the nails longer.

When used as a base and a top coat within a manicure Oxycoat is ideal to use when breathable nail colouring is required.

Can be used under a gel application. Apply a thin brush width to the centre of the nail, gently buff the shine off with the large grey buffer, dust and proceed with gel application.


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