Mini Pin At-Home Micro Needling System


The Mini Pin is an all in one micro needling system, specifically designed for home use.

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Skin Benefits:

Micro-needling, also called collagen induction therapy, is an effective way to encourage skin rejuvenation, stimulate collagen production, and allows the direct absorption of active ingredients into the epidermis. A convenient alternative to derma rollers, the Mini Pin allows you to easily and safely micro needle your skin at home to a superficial depth of 0.25mm.

The lightweight device is fully automatic and combines micro-needling with a serum applicator system which allows the specially formulated serum to flow down along the needles and into the skin. By applying the serum directly while using the Mini Pin, the skin absorbs the active ingredients in the formula up to 5 times better compared to untreated skin.

Highly effective and effortless to use, the Mini Pin is perfectly safe to use at home as each single-use, disposable cartridge is sterile and individually sealed.

To ensure maximum comfort and minimise bruising, the ultra-fine needles are tapered with a diameter of 0.2mm (33 Gauge).

  • Reduces enlarged pores
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves texture and tone of skin
  • Improves skin elasticity and boost collagen production

Product Features

  • Easy to use and operate
  • All-in-one system, without the need for manually applying a serum separately
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Can be used on skin and scalp
  • Each 12 needle cartridge is single-use and sterilised
  • The tapered needles are made from medical grade stainless steel with a 33 Gauge
  • Uniform needle depth of 0.25mm
  • Highly effective – Approx. 42,000 needle insertions per minute
  • Cordless when in operation (approx. 30 minutes usage time when fully charged)
  • Fast charging time (30-40 minutes to fully charge)
  • Doesn’t cause bruising or discolouration after using

Check the frame when you assemble, line the notches, and turn to lock

Pour the ampule into the ‘Tip Cartridge’. Fill to the top for 3.5ml, the recommended volume for single use.

Check the ‘Frame’ to fir the Cap, this should also lock into place. Hold the bottom of the ‘Tip Cartridge’ as you are doing this.

Push the white button underneath (‘Stick’) for about 10 seconds to ensure your serum is coming out well.

When you are ready to go push the grey button on the side for 2 seconds. (If it is blinking, please recharge before use)
(Full time for charging is approximately 30 minutes.) Press shortly again to start.

After checking the serum is coming out grip the ‘Cap’ and treat the area you require.

To turn off press the grey button again for 2 seconds, the light will stop blinking.

Quick Tip:

Do not charge your device via a USB port on a computer or laptop

Check the flow of your serum or ampoule before use.

If your serum is too watery you can slow the flow by blocking the pressure sensor on the cap, you can do this with your hand.

When treating your face it better to lean back at around 45 degrees, the Mini Pin should ideally stand straight on the surface of the skin.


Vegan friendly
No artificial fragrances or colours


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