Bio Sculpture Cuticle Cream


Contains essential oils which nourish and soften the cuticles as well as dry or brittle nails. Bio Sculpture Cuticle cream also prevents the cracking of cuticles, skin and nails

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Bio Sculpture® Cuticle Cream is made with Collagen Amino Acids that will improve, nourish and soften the cuticles and skin around the nails. It will moisturise dry and brittle nails and help prevent the cracking of cuticles, skin and nails.

Use around the cuticle area during Soak Off to protect the skin around the nails.

The essential oils in Bio Sculpture cuticle cream will improve, nourish and soften dry and brittle nails and prevent the cracking of cuticles.

Amino acids help with tissue repair and regeneration in your nails. More importantly, they provide your nails with lots of protein for nail growth.


Wash hands and dry thoroughly. Apply a pea-sized amount of Bio Sculpture Cuticle Cream and using the same finger disperse the product across the other 4 fingers. Gently massage the cream into and around the cuticles.

Quick Tip:

Ideally, keep your cuticle cream by your bed and apply in the evening. This will give a chance for your cuticles to absorb the vitamins and essentials without being washed off.

Not Vegan Friendly: Contains Lanolin


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