Eve Taylor Hydrolat Floral Water 250ml spritz


Hydrolats are the aromatic water created during the extraction of essential oils using steam distillation and consist of 100% pure hydrolat. These natural aromatic waters are used throughout most of our professional treatments to customise and tailor towards our client’s needs.

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Skin Benefits:

Eve Taylor Hydrolats are also known as aromatic water, they are 100% natural and completely preservative-free. Their aromatic action creates an increased sensorial experience for clients during our facial treatments and allows for lavish use, even if you can’t use essential oils.

Aromatic water is the by-product of essential oil distillation using steam. After the essential oil extraction process, oil rises to the surface and syphoned away leaving the water below. The water retains many properties of the essential oils which can be used to improve the skin.

Eve Taylor Hydrolats can be used where pure essential oils may not be suitable, such as during pregnancy, if your taking stimulating medication or if you’re undergoing oncology treatment.

These 100ml bottles of scented goodness allow you to recreate the salon atmosphere at home as well as providing your skin with a treat.

Eve Taylor Hydrolat Options

Geranium Hydrolat
Hydrating and nourishing to dry skin. It is ideal for mature skin types and those going through menopause and are experiencing depletion of moisture in the skin. Geranium is reassuring to the senses and helps to balance and assist levels of high anxiety.

Peppermint Hydrolat
It is intensively cooling and firming it is great to use on loose skin to help firm the tissues. It also makes a handy cooling foot spray to refresh feet in the summer. Top tip for peppermint hydrolat is to spritz in the car prior to your journey to help relieve nausea caused by travel sickness.

Chamomile Hydrolat
Destressing, calming and can be used as an anti-inflammatory to reduce skin redness and irritation. Its soothing and calming properties make it suitable to use on reddened, irritated skin. Can also be used if you are experiencing trouble sleeping and relaxing.

Rose Hydrolat
This floral water is hydrating, moisture replenishing and mildly astringent with a soothing element. This aroma has an uplifting and balancing effect on your emotions perfect if you’re feeling a little blue.

Lavender Hydrolat
Healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory an excellent all-round ingredient for all skin types and conditions. Its versatility has the ability to also calm, cools and soothes the skin. The aroma has a relaxing and calming effect on your body and mind, lovely to use as a pillow mist or on yoga mats prior to your practice.

Orange Hydrolat
Its zesty fresh aroma helps to enliven and uplift the senses. Helps to brighten dull, uneven skin tone and its de-greasing effect is ideal for oily skin types.

Tea Tree Hydrolat
Known for its antiseptic and purifying properties, great for congested skin or if your experiencing breakouts. It is also great to help guard against coughs and colds.

Lemon Hydrolat
Anti-inflammatory and degreasing, perfect for oily skin and overactive sebaceous activity. Its fresh aroma is uplifting to the senses.


The water-soluble nature of an Eve Taylor Hydrolat allows them to be applied directly onto the skin and can be used to customise your cleansers, moisturisers or masques.

They can be used:

  • As a refreshing toner or hydrating spray applied directly onto the skin
  • Spritz into the air as a natural air freshener
  • Spritz onto your bed, pillow or curtains to re-scent materials.
  • Refreshing body spray for feet and legs
Quick Tip:

Try spritzing your Eve Taylor Hydrolat onto your yoga mat or surrounding space prior to meditation or your practice to calm the mind and help focus your senses.

They are perfect to spritz onto your skin prior to your favourite aromatic serum to increase the penetration of all the ingredients and enhance the senses.


Eve Taylor Hydrolat is 100% aromatic water.

Vegan friendly
No artificial fragrances or colours

Eve Taylor products are suitable for those with nut allergies due to the refining process where all nut allergens are removed.


Turn Beautiful is dedicated to maintaining the accuracy of the ingredient lists on this website. However, because ingredients are subject to change, we cannot guarantee that these lists are complete, up-to-date and/or error-free. For an accurate listing of ingredients in each product, please refer to your product packaging.

Eve Taylor has never tested any of their products on animals – they only test their products on people and after 50 years we have proven that our products work and deliver the results. Eve Taylor products are manufactured in small batches so that the active ingredients can be included to ensure purity and freshness in every batch, without the products sitting in the warehouse for months before they are sold. Eve Taylor is also proud that every product holds the Eve Taylor signature – as this is your guarantee that the products you have purchased are some of the best products in the world.

Eve Taylor®, British Skincare at its finest.


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