You are about to encounter Interstellar Relaxation. Allow a Spacemask to transport you to interstellar relaxation.

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Product Benefits:

A must-have for relaxing evenings, SpaceMask luxury, self-heating eye masks promote relaxation thanks to an infusion of mind and body-calming jasmine and gentle air-activated warmth.

Why Should I Try A Spacemask?
Relaxing? Don’t be ridiculous! Do you know how my day works? Sometimes you can be so busy that taking time out just doesn’t seem possible. This is where your Spacemask comes in. Wherever you are, at work or home, find somewhere to sit or lie down.

Within minutes of putting on your Spacemask, you will feel it warm up and start to mellow your tired eyes and face. The soft jasmine smell will help to transport you away. Somewhere between Jupiter and Andromeda. Allow yourself to float freely. Letting go of the day’s frustrations and annoyances.

For the next 15 minutes enjoy the space and freedom of leaving the Earth’s gravitational field. Your eyes and your head will thank you for the time to recover and reenergise.

Providing instant relief from headaches, tiredness, and eye strain, prepare to transport yourself to another dimension.

Each box of Spacemasks comes with five individually, single-use wrapped foil masks with a luxe galaxy pattern. We suggest keeping these by your bed and slipping one over your ears and eyes when you need a bit of me-time. Incredibly gentle of skin and eyes, these disposable and recyclable masks are perfect for flights, long journeys, or whenever you need you’ll need a relaxing and helpful hand getting to sleep

Key Features:

What’s in the box
From the moment you open the box and read how to use the mask you will be temptingly invited on a journey of relaxation. There are detailed instructions on the box and the pouches. The pouches have a best before date. We doubt it will come to that. Inside the pouch, you will find the jasmine-infused Spacemask. Now just place the Spacemask over your eyes and the loops over your ears. Recline and enjoy.

Spacemask facts
The heating process works by a thin layer of iron filings entwining with the oxygen molecules in the air. It is totally safe. The ever so relaxing jasmine is in a low concentration. So you can enjoy its fragrance without irritating the skin.


Unwrap each single-use mask just before use.

Slip loops over ears and pull the mask down over the eyes.

Air-activated, within no time at all these, will give off a relaxing scent and warmth that can be worn to bed and while you sleep.


Iron powder, Essence of Jasmine

Vegan Friendly


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