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Toe Separators assist in keeping toes separated for the application of gel or polish during a pedicure service.

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Product Benefits:

A pedicure must have. These pretty pink toe separators are soft and comfortable for when your finishing the perfect pedicure. They gently keep the toes apart to prevent nail polish from being smudged.

Key Features:

Comfortable and easy to use for your home pedicure.
Bio Sculpture Toe Separators are perfect for soft, comfortable and convenient nail lacquer and polish application.
Separates Toes for effortless pedicure polish application.
Pink, happy, smiley faces. Pop-out the foam sections to create a smile.


Don’t panic there isn’t a left or right or a back or front.
The most important thing is position the toe separators after doing your pedicure but prior to painting.
Pick up your first toe separators and spread your large toe and second toe slightly and pop the first smile from under your foot up between these toes.
Continue doing this with the rest of the toes of the same foot.
The toe separators are soft and spongy and will be ok even between the smallest of toes.
You will then do the same with the second foot.

Personal recommendation, leave the toe separators in place for as long as possible. Rule of thumb it can take 30min per layer to completely dry your polish, this includes the base layer. So they may be touch dry within 10/20 min after you have finished but if knocked they will smudge.

Looking after your toes separators:

Wash the toe separators with warm water and a hint of soap.
Spray or soak with disinfectant liquid. I would also recommend spraying them before use as well.


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