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Official Launch Date: This product is being reformulated and will be available in July. Back orders are welcome should you wish to receive as soon as the product arrives in the UK.

The perfect solution to help strengthen and restore weak, damaged nails.

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Ethos Lavender Base is an improved formula of the previous product from Bio Sculpture. With Rosemary leaf extract it will restore weak, sensitive, and damaged nails. The conditioning seed oils will help to soothe sensitive nails whilst the Rosemary leaf extract will build them.

During a manicure a layer of lavender base can be applied prior to nail polish. 2 coats will help even further to restore and strengthen weak and damaged nails, leaving a lovely soft pink shade.

Can be used under a gel application. Apply a thin brush width to the centre of the nail, gently buff the shine off with the large grey buffer, dust and proceed with gel application.

ETHOS Lavender Base is also used in the salon during our ‘Lavendar Base Treatment’ its aim is to help restore damaged nails that are too weak and sensitive to receive a full gel nail application.


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