Footlogix Sweaty Feet Formula Mousse


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Suitable for:

  • Skin and nails prone to fungus
  • Sweaty or clammy feet
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Additional Information

Footlogix Sweaty Feet Formula uses Dermal Infusion Technology and is proven to reduce foot perspiration. It achieves this by acting as an astringent to stimulate skin cells to contract and reduce perspiration levels. It is a non-occlusive formula that does not leave behind a greasy residue.

Method of application:
  • Hold can upright and shake well before each application
  • Use sparingly: amount of mousse applied should be the size of a walnut
  • For best results use twice daily: morning and night
  • Footwear can be worn right after application
  • Just apply and go
Footlogix Sweaty Feet Formula is suitable for:
  • Skin and nails prone to fungus
  • Sweaty or clammy feet

SIZE:  125 ml / 4.2 oz

*Not tested on animals 🙂


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