Footlogix Cold Feet Formula Mousse


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Suitable for:

  • Cold feet
  • Diabetic skin
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Additional Information

Footlogix Cold Feet Formula with Dermal Infusion Technology provides a noticeable warning sensation to cold feet. This mousse is proven to stimulate micro-circulation of the foot and provides relief to chronically cold feet. This product offers a non-occlusive formula to avoid leaving behind a greasy residue.

Method of application:
  • Hold can upright and shake well before each application
  • Use sparingly: amount of mousse applied should be the size of a walnut
  • For best results use twice daily: morning and night
  • Footwear can be worn right after application
  • Just apply and go
Footlogix Cold Feet Formula is suitable for:
  • Cold feet
  • Diabetic Skin

SIZE:  125 ml / 4.2 oz

*Not tested on animals


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