Evo Gel By Bio Sculpture

Evo Gel by Bio Sculpture

We’re really excited by this latest vegan friendly, medical grade, ‘Evo-lution’ in nail treatment by Bio Sculpture.

Bio Sculpture is ‘Evo-lving’

The system everyone has been waiting for, Evo Oxygenating Gel is a quick and healthy bottle-and-brush gel system created by Bio Sculpture. This continues in the same footsteps as Bio Sculpture Gel being a medical grade (not a power varnish),  Vegan (yes this one is also vegan) and allows oxygen permeability to and from the nail plate!

Bio Sculpture was established in 1988 as the founder of the world’s first soakable UV-curable colour nail gel. Since then Bio Sculpture has always kept us, as therapists up to date with new techniques, colours and products so that we can bring you the best on the market.

Bio Sculpture heard our prayers for non-uv curing gel and tweaked their existing gels to allow them to be curable under a LED light! I have been using Bio Sculpture for quite some years so this and the fact that it cures in 30 seconds! Is music to my ears 🙂

In March Bio Sculpture did one better, they created a new system called Evo Gel!

Evo Gel is an easy to use ‘brush & bottle’ system infused with vitamins A & E that will migrate to the nail plate, even after curing. It has been designed from the base gel up to provide the best combination of performance and safety. As with Bio Sculpture Gel it’s Vegan and contains NO organic solvents, formaldehyde, DBP or Camphor (which gives nail varnish the toxic smell).

Evo Gel will allow the nail plate to achieve a healthy balance whilst promoting the flexibility, toughness and beautiful shine just like the long lasting manicure we adore by Bio Sculpture Gel.

The professional line consists of the revolutionary Evo Oxygenating Base, 40 fabulous colours, Gloss Top Coat and Matte Top Coat. The easy on, easy off formula provides strength with the added benefit of improved air permeability, allowing the healthy and natural exchange of Oxygen (O2) and water vapor (H2O) between the nail and its environment. Evo provides chip-free, long lasting wear up to 3 weeks.

Bio Sculpture is committed to Healthy Nail Care and formulated Evo to prevent dehydration and damage of the nail. Evo Oxygenating Base is formulated with medical grade ingredients and contains Vitamin A and E. Similar to all Bio Sculpture products Evo is 5-FREE, 100% Vegan and not tested on animals.

Evo combines the quality, health and durability synonymous with Bio Sculpture with a fast-lane approach. Evo’s application is as easy as applying nail polish – BASE, 2 coats of COLOUR, TOP – each cured for 30 seconds using a LED lamp. Gel Remover gently dissolves Evo Gel from the natural nail when it is time for a new set.

Bio Sculpture Evo Gel

  • Medical Grade Gel (not a power varnish)
  • Non-Dehydrating
  • Did I forget, Vegan!
  • Self levelling, cures to a smooth finish that requires no surface refining
  • Flexible and strong support that prevents nail plate injury or damage
  • Long-lasting high gloss finish by Evo Gloss that will last up to three weeks

I’m sure Evo Gel will easily become just as popular as our Bio Sculpture and it will be a tough decision deciding between the two for us and you 🙂


  • Evo Gel Extensions – £30.00
  • Evo Gel Overlays – £25.00
  • Evo Gel Infills – £20.00
  • Evo Gel 2week Infills – £18.00
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